w a s s e r t a n z

is an invitation to dive under the surface and explore dormant life in submarine worlds down into the midnight zone. A vast world we know little about, at the convergence of myths and scientific evidence.

Our perceptions are altered, our senses expanded.

Only the dimmest blue light prevails (480 nm), yet fish and invertebrates create their own bioluminescence. Sound becomes the principal vector that describes time and space in the deep, but we may only hear it as it resonates through our bones. Eardrums cannot function in the crushing pressure.In our dream, the human city is a strange coral that florishes near a toxic hydrothermal vent, a different form of life, an oddity in its own genetic home.

Water is a big sky upside down. The world becomes double. Images reflected on the surface melt within those that live in the tide. The birds, swimming, turn into fish. The star-isles shimmer on the surface of the ocean…

Created by Tereza Bartůňková and Diane Barbé as an evolving series of live performances, installations and research, Wassertanz is an audio-visual project which aims to present, disturb and reconstruct a narrative of pressure and vibration. It also seeks to associate female artists from different cultural and artistic backgrounds, at the intersection of sound art, experimental music, theater, and audiovisual performance.

25 October – 5 November 2019
research residency, Lagoa de Óbidos, Portugal

29-30 november 2019 (link)
installation for Water ≈ Sound ≈ City, Zwitschermachine Gallerie Berlin

5 december 2019 (link)
analogue sound performance and light installation, West Germany Berlin

14 february 2020
analogue sound performance and light installation, Ankali Prague

8 march 2020
premiere AV experience, TBA Berlin

p r o c e s s