film works

LIMINAL::. (Germany, forthcoming)
dir. Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez, short dance and art film
prod. neue häute e.V.
role: location sound recording & sound design

in-between (Germany, forthcoming)
dir. Azzie McCutcheon, short dance and art film
prod. Lake Studios Berlin
role: sound design

Plasma (France/Japan, forthcoming)
dir. Louise Ernandez, feature documentary film
prod. Eddy TV
role: location sound recording

Krise ist immer (Germany, 2020)
dir. Dan Dansen, short fiction film
prod. Universität der Künste
role: location sound recording

Alguma Coisa Assim (Germany / Brazil, 2017)
dir. Esmir Filho & Mariana Bastos, feature fiction film
Zak Film Productions UG,
Claraluz Filmes, Saliva Shots
role: location sound assistance

radio works

The Alien Kin: A Dream Tape, Hörspiel, Lumpen Station
Forthcoming commissioned radio play.

Oneironautics, series, Cashmere Radio
Live ambient improvisations with 4-6 invited guests. Every 2 months.

Radio France Democrature, Hörspiel, Cashmere Radio
Sound piece dealing with recent uprisings of the Yellow Vests, the lack of freedom of the press, and the information bubbles of social media. November 2019.

Planète Pacifique, series, Radio Nunc
Series of podcasts dealing with the sonic signs of human-animal entanglements, weaving poetry and scientific theories into Hörspiel. Every 2 months.

Hystereo #48-68, Berlin Community Radio
Series of feminist shows focused on political and body issues. Special editions with female-identified musicians, composers and sound artists every summer. 2017-2018.



16.10.22 (live) TBA, Marseille, France
10.09.22 (live) polychromatic ensemble, documenta, kassel, germany
20.08.22 (live) grabowsee festival, brandenburg, germany
23.07.22 (live) strómy festival, czech republic
14.07.22 (live) f-o-m release party, kwia Berlin
02.07.22 (live) ssabae ensemble, TBA, France
24.06.22 (live) polychromatic ensemble, moos Berlin
04.06.22 (live) WEICH, studio dB, Berlin
29.05.22 (live) climate care festival, floating university Berlin
30.04.22 (live) vogelklang festival, soundtent, Schwarzwald
26.03.22 (live) garden of forking paths, Cashmere Radio Berlin
16.03.22 (dj) Return of the Living Wine Berlin
22.02.22 (dj) Arkaoda Berlin
19.02.22 (live) sentient lands, Arkaoda Berlin
11.02.22 (live) RAUSCH, Backsteinboot Berlin
28.01.22 (live) unfinished fridays, Lake Studios Berlin
07.01.22 (cancelled) INA GRM, Paris


03.02.21 (dj) HOER Radio, Berlin
10.02.21 (live) Oneironautics VI. Cashmere Radio, Berlin
23-25.04.21 (performance) The Enclosed Garden, Bangkok
28.05.21 (live) Cosmic Playgrounds, Esslingen
01.07.21 (live) Zenner Open Air, Berlin
22-25.07.21 (installation) STROMY Treehouse Festival, Czechia
04-12.09.21 (installation) Climate Care Festival, Floating University Berlin
23.10.21 (live) Borsig Amp Fest. Kesselhaus Herzberge Berlin

19.12.20 (live) Q3Ambientfest, online
16.12.20 (live) Oneironautics V. Cashmere Radio, Berlin
19.09.20 (live) Oneironautics IV. Cashmere Radio, Berlin
23.08.20 (live) Akousmatik Bush, Berlin
29.07.20 (live) Heads radio. Sameheads Berlin
24-26.07 (live) STROMY Treehouse festival, Czechia
23.07.20 (installation) TREES with Salomé Jashi, DAAD Gallery Berlin
17.07.20 (dj) CÚKR ambient stage, secret location
10.07.20 (virtual installation) Passing one loop into another, NBK Berlin
02.07.20 (live) Rising Whisper. ACUD Macht Neu Berlin
27.06.20 Oneironautics III. live collective on Cashmere Radio
07.06.20 (cancelled) PhOEMina festival, Acqui Terme
30.05.20 Oneironautics II. live collective on Cashmere Radio
21.04.20 (cancelled) Music for Cinemas, Rauschpalast Berlin
19.04.20 (cancelled) Anthropocene party, Prague
05.04.20 (cancelled) Q3A Ambientfest, Fabrik Potsdam
28.03.20 (cancelled) Borsig Amp Fest, Kesselhaus Herzberge Berlin
08.03.20 (live AV) Vaguement Ensemble @ Oneironautics I. Arkaoda Berlin
16.02.20 (live) Furry Casino, Berlin
25.01.20 (live) Punktum, Prague


06.12.19 (live) Mensch Meier, Berlin
05.12.19 (live AV) Wassertanz preview
with Teres Bartunkova, West Germany Berlin
29.11 – 01.12. (installation) Permanent Wave Machine @ Zwitscher Gallery Berlin
22.11.19 (radio) Cashmere Radio
17.10.19 (live) ADE Dreamland, Klaproos Amsterdam
03-05.10 (installation) Enclosed Garden, Heroines Tbilisi
22.09.19 (live) Amplify, ACUD Berlin
07.09.19 (live) Sononami, LOFFT Leipzig
30.08.19 (live) Sonic Curiosities, Villa Kuriosum Berlin
29.08.19 (live) Tati goes experimental, Berlin
17.08.19 (dj) Mala Junta x MESS afterhours, Berlin
03.08.19 (live) Nachtdigital MINT ambient stage
20.07.19 (live) Summer of Doom, Open air Prague
05.07.19 (dj) UY ZONE afterparty, Kantine am Berghain Berlin
20.06.19 (live) w/ Orquesta Narval, MAZE Berlin
19.06.19 (live) w/ Orquesta Narval, Noizefabrik Berlin
26.05.19 (live) ALERTA secret location
25.05.19 (live) Drone Day, Berlin
14.04.19 (live) Q3A festival, Fabrik Potsdam
28.04.19 (dj) Punktum / Luft, Prague
05.05.19 (live) Noiseberg, Berlin
18.02.19 (installation) Planète Pacifique, UDK Berlin


24.11.18 (live) DIETL Archiv, Polygon, Prague
04.09.18 (live) Hystereo, Berlin Community Radio
02.09.18 (live) Tchnienia festival, Poland
26.08.18 (dj) Wildt, Prague
25.08.18 (dj) Polygon Tag 3, Prague
03.08.18 (live) The Lodge, USA
06.07.18 (live) Drone sleepover, Berlin
27.05.18 (live) Seaweed Sonntags, Berlin
19.05.18 (live) Nowhere in particular, Prague
15.04.18 (live) Q3A festival, Fabrik Potsdam
19.03.18 (dj) Liquidation totale, LYL radio
02.03.18 (dj) Blue Panther show, Rinse FM France
15.02.18 (live) Madame Claude Berlin
17.01.18 (dj) Loophole, Berlin
11.08.17 (live) The Lodge, USA