picture by Irwin Barbé, Parc du Mercantour, France 2018

Diane Barbé

Independent sound artist, curator and researcher based in Berlin, Germany.
Currently investigating chronobiology in the Anthropocene –understanding the entanglement of human, animal, urban and geological cycles through a finer look at the soundscapes that surround us.

Film collaborations

Krise ist immer, dir. Dan Dansen (Germany, forthcoming) – location sound recordist [link]
Alguma Coisa Assim, dir. Esmir Filho & Mariana Bastos (Germany / Brazil, 2017) – location sound assistant [link]

Radio works

Radio France Democrature, Hörspiel, Cashmere Radio, November 2019 [link]
Planète Pacifique #3: Electromagnetism, Hörspiel, Radio Nunc, November 2019 [link]
The Weather Report, Live Performance, Cashmere Radio, June 2019
Planète Pacifique #2: Entomology, Hörspiel, Radio Nunc, May 2019 [link]
Planète Pacifique #1: Oceans, Hörspiel, Radio Nunc, April 2019 [link]
Hystereo #48-68, Berlin Community Radio, 2017-2018 [archive]


Things don’t really exist until you give them a name: Unpacking urban heritage (2018). Rachel Lee, Diane Barbé, Anne-Katrin Fenk & Philipp Misselwitz (eds). Mkuki na Nyota, Dar es Salaam.
Talking Cities: Urban Narratives from Dar es Salaam (2017). Diane Barbé, Richard Besha, Anne-Katrin Fenk, Rachel Lee & Philipp Misselwitz (eds). Technische Universitätsverlag, Berlin.


2018-2021 MA sound studies & sonic arts, Universität der Künste Berlin
2016-2018 freelance radio broadcaster, music journalist, and sound designer, Berlin
2015-2017 associate researcher & assistant curator, Habitat Unit, Technische Universität Berlin
2010-2015 MSSc political science & urban planning, Sciences Po Paris