Syn/Sym is the sister project of the Alien Kin, focused on durational iterations that mimic biological diurnal cycles. It mixes synthesis and symbiosis: the production of chemical or electrical compounds by reaction from simpler materials, and the interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both. Syn/Sym uses additive and subtractive synthesis from Coupigny, Serge, and Buchla instruments, and draws from a deep and slow practice of environmental listening. Base materials for composition are 24-hour recordings in various locations, so far: southern Germany, southern France, Thailand.

To quote Lynn Margulis: “Life produces fascinating ‘designs’ … by repeating the chemical cycles of its cellular growth and reproduction. Order is generated by nonconscious repetitious activities…” (Symbiotic Planet, 1999).

A first live performance was shown on the acousmonium of INA-GRM in Paris, in January 2023. A first installation was shown at Cala Raum in Berlin, in November 2023. A miniature soundsystem was built of simple speaker drivers, clay resonators, and river cane resonators. An album release is planned for the Spring 2024.