O n e i r o n a u t i c s

“We may differ in many ways, but one thing we know for sure: no matter our age, race, religion, occupation, diet, or sexual orientation… we all dream, and we do so every single night.”

Dylan Tuccillo, Jared Zeizel & Thomas Peisel. A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming, 2013.

8 march 2020 • arkaoda berlin

Oneironautics is a Sunday event for electro-acoustic music. We reunite experimental electronic artists with acoustic musicians and opera singers to propose a new form of performance and of sound spatialisation.

We want to take time. Make time.

Do things slowly and mindfully, so that they will last. Dive into an ocean of sound with us: tune in, drop out.

Two Lebanese experimental electronic musicians (Wissam Sader & Farah Azim) will work with two singers: Celia Stroom-Ragueneau, who is from a French conservatory background, and Sibi Abhimanue, who was trained in Hindustani classical music in New Delhi. Using an 8-point surround soundsystem the artists create together a spatialized opera of long duration (90 minutes).

Finally, Leipzig-based musician Pina Rücker will deliver a hypnotic concert of Kristallklangschalen. This meditative experience will be enhanced by a collaboration with Czech light artist and stage designer Tereza Bartůňková.