Phonurgia Nova has, for 30 years, supported multiform sound creation: radio art, sound installations, field recording… They are based in Arles, a medieval mineral cité on the Rhône in the south of France. In the summer, swollen with the arrival of mosquitoes and British tourists, the independent group organises workshops and ateliers for sound techniques.

2017 – Approches du Field Recording [Felix Blume]
Felix Blume is a professional field recordist based in Mexico City, who from the documentary world has started to drift into artistic creation. I highly recommend his website where he uploads wonderful stuff (creative commons!): After a week of recording in Arles, we collectively created a 10 minute sound piece exploring the sonic aspects of wind.

With Diane Barbé, Laurence Cuny, Hugo Fauquert et Christophe Ratier © Atelier PHONURGIA